Saint-Remy de Provence

Saint-Remy de Provence

The cosmopolitan village of St-Remy de Provence is picturesque and exactly what you would expect from a town in the south of France. It has good food, cobbled medieval streets, and endless dappled light. It also has a colourful history, with its Gallo-Roman centre and a handful of famous historical residents, perhaps the most notable of whom is Vincent Van Gogh. Based in a clinic just outside the town in the late 1800s, he painted about 150 paintings here including 'Starry Night'. 


Gus Restaurant - Get a table on the terrace and treat yourself to some oysters and rose if you're feeling flush, or to a perfectly-cooked burger. To be honest, everything is delicious here. The desserts are amazing as well, with a rich chocolate mousse cake being my number 1. 

31 Boulevard Victor Hugo, 13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence


Wander the cobbled streets and stop in the boutiques around town. There is an unusually large number of home decor shops, with a mix of vintage furniture, modern design, and classic Provençal bedspreads. Some of the best are rather hidden, so it can be best to get a little lost among the winding streets. 


Visit Nostradamus' fountain. Nostradamus was an apothecary in 1500s France famous for making prophecies: he has been widely credited for predicting several world events, such as the Great Fire of London and the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, although some of the credits given may be a bit far-fetched. He was born in Saint-Remy, and there is a lovely fountain in the middle of the old town in homage to him just near his birthplace (above).


The wine.